I receive a couple of parenting magazines (for free, cause I’m a master shopper!) and was reading through one a couple of weeks ago when something caught my eye. It said that between 12-18 months old is a good time to introduce coloring (well, scribbling really). Nick and I thought that sounded fun so I went on a mission to find some big crayons.

This weekend I finally found some (non-toxic of course because we knew they’d stick them in their mouths) and we sat the boys down at the table to see if we had budding artists on our hands. Here’s how that went…

Yep, that would be blue crayon on Tyler’s teeth. But wait, there’s more! Below you’ll see Chase not only has green on his mouth but orange on his shirt!

Things quickly got out of hand with the crayon chewing, so we decided coloring time was over. Jackson, Tyler and Chase were not at all happy with that development as evident by the scrap of paper Jackson is still clutching in his little hands and the dirty look he’s shooting me.

I’m sure some of you are curious if the crayons ever actually touched paper… I’m happy to report they did! They also touched the table. I think we’ll wait several more weeks before attempting this again. In a few months when the crayons spend more time on paper and less time in mouths we’ll put their kid sized, activity table in their playroom. Then we’ll sell their masterpieces of artwork for large sums of money. Hey, we gotta pay for diapers somehow!

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