Clean Up In Aisle 1

In the last 2 months I’ve mopped up more pee off the floor (both carpet and tile) than I care to count or even acknowledge. Let’s just put it this way – potty training 3 is rough on carpet! I feel like my house must perpetually smell like urine, which is why I’m currently arranging to have a cleaning company come deep clean our carpets. Sorry, I’m getting off track here!

Early last week we had a horrendous 45 minutes here… I’ll spare you some of the details because quite honestly they may cause you to lose your mid-morning snack (or lunch or dinner depending on when you read my blog). Basically though it all started with Tyler making the biggest mess on the carpet that I’ve seen yet and then that mess getting spread by Jackson. After I finished cleaning Tyler up I went into their bedroom and shut the door in hopes of cleaning the carpet before “stuff” set in.

While I was in the bedroom Chase had to pee, except he didn’t bang on the door or even yell to me that he had to go potty… no. He peed on the floor (carpet again) right in front of the door. I whisked him to the other bathroom (bathroom #1 was still out of commission following Tyler’s mess) to clean him up.

When Chase and I rounded the corner into the living room we found this…


I like to think Jackson noticed it had been a particularly trying 45 minutes for me so decided to take initiative and clean up his own mess. It should be noted they have NEVER helped mop pee off the floor – they’ve only watched me do it a hundred times. I was shocked when I came out and found him like this! He even had gone into their diaper bag, pulled out the container of wipes and pulled one out to mop the floor with. Needless to say, this was the silver lining (and something to make me laugh) on this very dark, very big cloud.

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