Cider and Donuts and Flowers, Oh My!

Last Friday was so packed with fun, I simply can not let another day go by without blogging about it!

Friday afternoon the boys took great naps, which gave Nick and I the chance to get some stuff done around the house. I was only halfway  through planting bulbs for next spring when Tyler and Chase both woke up. Rather than giving up on planting, I decided to bring them to the front yard to help me out! They were such good little helpers!

Tyler in white, Chase in blue
After Jackson finally woke up, we loaded the boys into the car and headed to our favorite cider mill! This place seriously has the best cider in Kansas City and the cider donuts on Friday were unbelievably good too!

We rounded out the day with another adventure, but this one was here at the house…. We knew the boys needed a bath as they were quite dirty, but I hate the mess that comes with bath time. I always end up soaked, the floor ends up soaked and the bathroom gets trashed, which means it’s just one more place to clean up after bed time. The solution? Nick threw on his swim trunks and gave the boys their first shower! They loved it and have now asked daily to take a shower.

P.S. Today is the last day to vote for me over at Multiples and More for Blog of the Year! Thanks for those of you that voted yesterday, but I’m still losing by about 100! I bet we can make that ground up today. Go to Multiples and More and scroll about half way down the page until you see the voting polls on the right hand side! “Blog of the Year” is on of the last categories.

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