Christmas Recap

Our Christmas was a quiet one, but a fun one. It also was a partially healthy one!

Christmas Eve Eve (Thursday) we missed out on attending the child-friendly service because Tyler came down with the stomach bug and Jackson started spiking 104 temperatures again. We were all so bummed!

Christmas Eve morning I woke Jackson up early to take him to the walk-in clinic at the doctor’s office. 5 days of off and on high fevers was enough for me. The verdict? Possibly Roseola, but the doctor honestly wasn’t sure. He said Jackson’s right lung sounded a little “crackly”, but other than that he seemed perfectly healthy. He finally wrote a prescription for antibiotics, but told me to only have it filled if Jackson developed a deep cough or if he seemed to be getting worse and having the fevers more often. Wouldn’t you know he’s been fine ever since then! I’m just glad the fevers are gone and the bellies in this house seem back to normal finally.

Shortly after we returned home, the snow started really falling! The boys were so excited and it was so beautiful. Sadly, the ground was too wet, so the 15 minutes of heavy snow did nothing but melt.

Due to missing out on the Christmas Eve services (I ended up watching one live, online while Nick worked at several) and the fact I wasn’t about to bake cookies with the boys, I decided to do something else fun and new! We made snowflakes out of coffee filters! (Coffee filters were much easier for them to cut.)

Christmas morning the boys slept in a bit for us! Woohoo! Tyler and Jackson wandered out to the living room briefly and then came and got us around 7:30. They were dying to dig through their stockings, but we told them they had to wait for Chase. The solution? Wake him up!

After stockings and getting dressed, Nick read them a child version of the Christmas story.

Aunt Laura and soon-to-be Uncle Mason came over for breakfast and presents! The big hits were the two digital cameras that were opened. Aunt Laura gave the boys a Fisher Price camera and Grandma and Pop Pop gave Chase a lego digital camera (it doesn’t come apart and takes surprisingly decent pictures).

L-R: Jackson, Chase and Nick the elf

Other hot items included a new Wii Remote (now we have 3!), a Little People animal thing, some Why Writers (from Super Why!) and some cheapo Magna Doodles that “Santa” picked up at Target.

Nick and I received a new HD Pocket Camera, so expect to see more (and better quality) videos here! Like this one, of Jackson taking extreme close-up pictures of his beloved new Wii Remote…. (Nick wondered where Jackson learned to take pictures of “random objects”)

Our Christmas day ended with a visit with some wonderful friends that we don’t get to see nearly often enough. Chase showed them what’s what by beating them at Wii bowling once! Of course, that called for a rematch and Chase lost badly in that one. Thankfully, he’s a gracious loser.

And one last thing of note – Christmas Day marked 33 weeks and 3 days in my pregnancy. The very point I was at when I had the boys. I am officially in uncharted pregnancy territory and loving it!

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  • Looks like a wonderful Christmas! I love the camera. I wanted to get one for Dustyn.ReplyCancel