Christmas Card & Letter

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you our annual Christmas card (a terrible scan of it anyway) and Christmas letter (written by Nick, as always).

Merry Christmas!

Hello Friends,

The other day as we were traveling the streets of Kansas City I asked my eldest son Jackson what holiday we were celebrating. His response: “Hanukkah.” I took a look at the calendar and sure enough the festival of lights was right around the corner. However, we are not celebrating Hanukkah this year but sticking with Christmas. Part of our celebrating is Helen nagging me to write a Christmas letter of some sort. So after much thought and much searching for inspiration below is our family Christmas letter 2010. Enjoy.

“Turn the TV off and go out outside it’s a beautiful day.” Yes, we’ve all heard that before, however this Christmas letter will bring some added meaning to watching TV. The year 2010 brought some new obsessions of television programs for our 3 sons.  Below are 3 of these programs, a brief description of the program, and what we can learn from these stories in regards to the Christmas Story. Let’s add some worth to watching TV.

Favorite Show #1-Blue Clues: Yes, a show that debuted nearly 15 years ago and stopped making new episodes in 2004 held a tight grip on our kids for several months. In case you are unfamiliar with the show, main character Steve has a fairly intelligent puppy named Blue (although Blue cannot speak a word of English). Each episode involves Blue sending Steve on a scavenger hunt of sorts as he figures out what Blue wants to eat, play, make, etc.

Christmas Story Tie In: God, like Blue, gave the Wise Men multiples clues that a Savior is born.

Favorite Show #2: Dora The Explorer: One evening in July we accidently came across a Dora the Explorer episode where Dora and sidekick Boots were on their way to the Ice Cream Truck. Combining the ice cream truck and a monkey named Boots hooked the boys for a couple of months. Their favorite part was when Swiper made his appearance trying to disrupt the plans of Dora and Boots.

Christmas Story Tie In: King Herod was kind of like Swiper the Fox. Herod was constantly trying to disrupt and destroy God’s plan for the birth of the Savior. Both Swiper and Herod were never successful.

Favorite Show #3: Sid The Science Kid….Boy Genius Sid is always asking questions about how life works. Each question is then solved at his less than realistic pre-school where 4 students and the one teacher are completely guided by Sid’s question of the day. The highlight of the show is Gerald, the obvious ADHD child who has more energy than my wife after her regular Sonic Diet Coke run.

Christmas Story Tie In: Whenever Sid explores a question, the more amazing he finds life to be – this is also true of the Christmas story. The more you explore the story of Jesus’ birth the more amazing it becomes.

I hope you enjoyed a quick look into our TV viewing habits. We promise that our boys do more than just watch TV all day. However, if you are concerned about them please address all concerns to Helen as their obsession with TV probably came from her.

And now to conclude this timeless treasure, the following 10 phrases recap our 2010:

1.       Proud owners Of A Mini-Van

2.        Baby girl coming in February 2011

3.       Family vacation to Omaha and a visit to Coco Key

4.        The boys are in Preschool

5.       Helen LOVES Diet Coke from Sonic

6.        Nakita the Polar debuts at the KC ZOO (The Boys love Nakita)

7.       Boys have taken 2 sessions of Swim Lessons

8.       Boys learn all about the magic of Ice Cream Trucks

9.       Boys favorite music obsession is GO FISH

10.   Every Saturday night the boys enjoy going to Sunday School, especially their visits to Tree House Park

As always, you can stay up to date with us by visiting Helen’s blog:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

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