Chase’s Surgery

Bright and early this morning, Nick and I took Chase to a Children’s Hospital for his hernia surgery. We were so thankful to have a girl from our church come over at 6:30am to watch the other two for us, so that we could both be with Chase.

Chase became a little leery of the whole thing when we asked him to put on a dress, but I think most males would be suspicious of that. He enjoyed the cars he could drive around in the pre-op area.

One of the pastors at our church came by to give Chase a little bear and pray with us before he headed back for surgery. It’s always nice to have a calming person nearby (thanks Pastor Lisa!). As more and more people came by to discuss what was going to happen, Chase grew more and more quiet. When it was time to head down the hall he didn’t want to ride in his bed, so instead Nick carried him. Chase of course cried when it was time to part ways in the hall, so the nurse carried him the rest of the way instead of trying to get him to ride on the bed.

An hour later the doctor came to the waiting room to tell us the surgery had gone as planned and what to expect for recovery. Sadly for Chase, he’ll have to skip swim class this weekend. As soon as Chase was awake and recovering we were brought back to see him. This is where it took a yucky turn… The nurse informed us that being pumped full of fluid on the IV had triggered massive diarrhea. Uh oh. Chase’s eyes kept welling up with tears but he wouldn’t say a word to any of us. I think he was just overwhelmed with the whole thing. Poor kid!

Due to the diarrhea (which the nurses suspect is from Rotavirus, not the flu) we stayed a little bit longer in recovery to make sure he wasn’t getting dehydrated. Since coming home, Chase has had some Sprite and some crackers and seems a tiny bit perkier. He’s now zoned out on the couch watching Veggie Tales while his brothers nap in their room. Here he is at the table eating crackers…

Just makes you want to gently hug him, doesn’t it?

Thanks to all of you for the prayers of peace and calming you sent our way! We felt them for sure. Now just pray the boys finally get over this ickiness!

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