Chase’s New Best Friend

As revealed in previous posts, Jackson’s best friend is his blanket and Tyler’s best friend is a giant Piglet. Chase has never had a best friend though! That is, until now….

That’s Chase with his new pal Heleanor (Nick says the “H” is silent, I think it’s more fun with the “H”). Heleanor is a slightly scary puppet Nick received as a gift when we still lived in Michigan. It’s traveled around with us though because Nick hates to throw a good toy out. Last week he dug it out of the chest in the living room and Chase was in love.

At first all Chase wanted to do was give Heleanor hugs and kisses which was adorable and disturbing at the same time.

Then he wanted to run the puppet, so we’d put his hand in it. Stinkin‘ adorable!

The first couple of nights after Heleanor made an appearance there was a great deal of drama from Chase at bedtime. He wanted Heleanor to go to sleep too! We just told him Heleanor had gone home and he’d see her in the morning. The next morning the first thing he would do is run to the chest in the living room and bang on the lid until we got Heleanor out.

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