Chaos and WaterWeek Winner!

I had Jackson help me draw our winner for the WaterWeek giveaway! As you can see, he wanted to keep the info to himself…

Congrats Erin! Send your name and address to by Monday at 9pm CST or I’ll have to draw an alternate winner.


This past week the boys and I attended a fun little Halloween party. Really it was more of a giant, chaotic playdate with some eyeballs on sticks for a snack. What? You don’t believe me when I say it was chaotic?

Told ya! The party consisted of 4 sets of triplets, a set of quintuplets and 4 single siblings. I think the oldest kids there were 5. Chaos! The boys had so much fun though.
Our attempt at a group picture was a tough one…
Best part about the party? The boys took 3.5 hour long naps that afternoon! Woohoo!

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