The boys love to color, so last weekend when I saw sidewalk chalk in the Dollar Spot at Target I knew I had to have it. The boys have loved coloring on the sidewalk in front of our house as well as the cars before we could yank them away. We’ve also allowed them to color on the back deck, which is a much more relaxing experience as there’s no road to contend with.

The other day Uncle Isaac got in on the action with the boys… he drew a huge person and colored him in completely with chalk (he wore the purple stick of chalk down to nothing). Jackson thought that was great fun to roll in….

The boys all ran through it too….

Which resulted in tiny foot prints all over the deck!

I then had the idea to grab the footprint card the NICU nurses made for Tyler and hold it next to a chalk footprint to compare sizes. My how far we’ve come in 23 months!

The Video Clip of the Week will be up tomorrow… my camera battery is dead so I can’t transfer the video to the computer!

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