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Visitors From Vermont

As I was drifting off to sleep last night, it suddenly dawned on me that I had forgotten to post something here. Darn! Anyway, last weekView full post »


April has been an awesome month for us…. First we had 4 days with Nick’s parents visiting and then we had 10 days with myView full post »

Let’s Think Warm Thoughts

I’m cold. I hate being cold! Thankfully, I know that Thursday will feel spring-like again here and I can enjoy not feeling likeView full post »

A Fun Start

July has gotten off to a fun start here! Not only is it a fun start, but how is it we’re 5 days into the month already? Ok, so maybeView full post »

One Last Wedding Post

Drives me nuts that I keep posting so late in the day! Hopefully it’s not driving you all as crazy. I’m thinking that by MondayView full post »

More Wedding Week Fun

This morning was the boys’ last day of preschool. It was also the morning of their every 6 months ENT check-up (to check on the tubesView full post »

Fun With Meme

This week the boys and Lily got lots of quality time with their Meme (Nick’s mom)! They hadn’t seen her since last May, so weView full post »

So Long

Today we’ll say so long to my parents. In fact, we have to leave for the airport in about 10 minutes. It’s been a fun 5 days!View full post »

Weekend O’ Fun

Late last Wednesday night, my parents flew in from Maine for a quick visit. The boys were pumped! Thursday morning, after dropping the boysView full post »

My Lifeline

Very early in my pregnancy, before I even knew we were having triplets, I joined a group of other women on a message board who were all dueView full post »

The Zoo Goes to the Zoo

I’ve spent the bulk of today sitting on the couch, cuddling 3 sick little boys. By 10pm Sunday night all three of them were stuffedView full post »

Fun With Grandparents Pt3 – Video Clip of the Week

Our 3 weeks of fun are officially over now. As I type this blog entry Nick’s parents and youngest brother and sister are in the air,View full post »