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Identical Triplet Problems

The other night, I posted the following picture on the post where I warned others about the exhaustion 7 year olds bring on (if youView full post »


Triplets Together in School

How is it October already?! My boys have been in school for almost 2 full months now, so that tells you how long I’ve been meaning toView full post »


I know, I know. I’ve been a bad blogger this fall! Whoops! Do you ever get so far behind on something that you start to thinkView full post »

They Should Be Together, But They’re Not

If you’re looking for the fun, first day of kindergarten post, you’ll find that by clicking here. This one is going to focus onView full post »

Does She Know?

One of the most common “Lily Questions” I get asked is “Can she tell her brothers apart?”. The answer isView full post »

A Bedroom Tale

Once upon a time, three little babies were born. They were adorable. They were tiny. They were identical. Their parents had bought a houseView full post »

5 Years

Where, oh where has the time gone?! Jackson, Ty and Chase turn 5 today, and Nick and I don’t really see how that can be possible. IView full post »

Triplet Talk

Tyler: Why did you want to have three babies instead of two? Me: Actually, I thought we would only have one baby, not three! Tyler:View full post »

When Did It Get Easier?

I’m often asked if things are easier now and when they got easier, so when I saw the Question of the Week over at Multiples and MoreView full post »

Kid of the Day

{Note, this was written when my boys were just over 3 years old. Friends have successfully incorporated 2.5 year olds into the Kid of theView full post »

A Normal Life

Way back when Nick and I were trying to get pregnant I would drive past parks full of little kids and their moms, or women pushingView full post »

Brave or Stupid?

Yesterday afternoon I had to go to the Post Office to mail a couple of things. Problem number 1 – I also needed to swing by a storeView full post »