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A 3 Year Old’s Prayer

The other night Jackson decided he wanted me to repeat after him, instead of the other way around. Here’s his prayer… DearView full post »

More Things They Say

The boys have just been full of funny comments lately! Aunt Laura took Jackson to the porta potty at a park. He told her they (he and hisView full post »

Things They Say

Tyler, when he and I were on our way back from the grocery store… “I wish Lily was here.” Me: Chase, let me wipe yourView full post »

3 Year Old Logic and Sayings

Weird Logic… I can’t figure out the logic behind the choices my three year olds make. Why is it the Tyler can whine, plead andView full post »

I Love You So Much

Jackson: Mama, I didn’t give you a hug yet! Me: Yes you did, sweetie, but I’ll take another one. Jackson: Oh, I just love youView full post »

Winner and Things Jackson Says…

CSN Winner Congratulations to commenter #46, Monica S! You’ve won a $35 gift certificate that can be spent at any of CSN’s 200+View full post »

Potty Talk

My boys are showing their true “boyness” now. They’ve begun “potty talk”. You know, talking about poop andView full post »

Lion Prayer

Every night we say bed time prayers with the boys. Nick has taken to alternating praying in beds with doing a “circle prayer”View full post »

Poor Chase’s Legs Are Broken

We have a policy in this house in regards to whining. I don’t understand whining. Period. If my children want something, they need toView full post »

Things They Say…

Nick: What do you want for your birthday? Jackson: A Thinking Chair (from Blue’s Clues) and a lawn mower. Jackson: Momma, my bellyView full post »

Silly Boys

My boys say and do silly things, and I love ’em! Chase: I love peanut butter and jelly, and I love church! Jackson (whispering):View full post »

Three Little Words

Yesterday, three little words were uttered in my home, by one of my own children, that I didn’t think I’d have to hear forView full post »