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Things My Kids Say… Again.

A prayer, by Lily…. “God. Fun. Shows. Na na’s. Monkey. Arthur. Shoes. Daddy. Daddy Home. Mommy. Mole. Hair. Amen!View full post »

More Things My Kids Say

Jackson: Mommy, do you know who I’m going to marry? Me: Who? Jackson: You! Me: You are?! But I’m already married toView full post »

Things My Kids Say {Yep, More}

There are germs roaming around our house. Lily was struck down for 5 days, and is finally better today… just in time for Jackson andView full post »

Things My Kids Say {Yep, more!}

Me: I’m so tired! Ty: Mommy, you can’t take a nap because Daddy isn’t home. Me: True, but if you all took a nap then IView full post »

What Do You Want To Be?

A little video entertainment for you on this Friday! The boys have been talking a lot lately about what they want to be when they grow up,View full post »

More Things My Kids Say

It’s Friday! Time to smile, friends! No pictures today, just funny stuff. ~~~~~~~~~ While doing the Ripped in 30 DVD: Jackson: WhyView full post »

Things My Kids Say

Jackson: It smells good in the trash can!   Chase: Mommy, do you want to come to my wedding? Me: Yes. Chase: Do you have aView full post »

Things My Kids Say

Ok, so most of these funny things are courtesy of Jackson… I’m sure the other two say funny/cute things too, but man –View full post »

Things Jackson Says

Originally this was going to be one of those “Things My Kids Say” posts, but then I realized all the funny things lately haveView full post »

More Things They Say

Me: I have a headache, boys. Tyler: I think it’s because you didn’t go to Sonic yet. Smart kid 😉 I was discussing my groceryView full post »

Triplet Talk

Tyler: Why did you want to have three babies instead of two? Me: Actually, I thought we would only have one baby, not three! Tyler:View full post »

Things They Say

Jackson: I scream for ice cream! I scream for ice cream! We all fall down and bumped our heads!” Chase: Noooo… that’s notView full post »