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How Fast Time Flies

Happy Valentine’s Day! Last night, as I was getting ready for bed, something made me think back to August 27th. I don’tView full post »

A Change in Perspective

I’ve heard people say that your perspective changes once you’re a parent. Never had I experienced that until lastView full post »

How We Sleep Trained Jackson, Tyler & Chase

Warning! This post is excruciatingly long!  Read only if you’re truly interested in sleep training. Due to the constant questions IView full post »

5 Months Old!

My how time flies…. our little men are 5 months old today and they’re growing like crazy! I suspect that many peopleView full post »

Grandma Comes to Stay While Daddy Goes to Play

Ok, he’s not REALLY going to play but he is going to Disney World for 5 days. Just because he’s staying on the DisneyView full post »

Life Is Good

“Life Is Good” seemed like an appropriate title for this post. Since my last post, I’ve stopped waking up at 3amView full post »

Jackson Rolls & Sleep Training Myself?

Yesterday, Friday the 11th, Jackson rolled over for the first time! Thankfully, Nick was home and able to witness it (he missed ChaseView full post »

Tyler Rolls & Sleeping Through the Night

It’s been a fun couple of days here! On Monday the 7th, Tyler rolled over for the first time! He went tummy to back. YesterdayView full post »

Latest Doctor Appointment & Big News

Yesterday the boys had their 4 month check-up, which included another round of vaccinations. UGH! At 2 months it wasn’t too badView full post »

Random Thoughts

Now that I’m not as sleep-deprived I have more time for thinking random things… I miss working. Not enough to want toView full post »

4 Months Already

Today Jackson, Tyler and Chase are 4 months old. A whole third of a year has passed already – how did that happen?! Nick and IView full post »