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Final Snow Pictures of the Season (I Hope)

Here’s hoping these are the final snow pictures of  this winter! In a five day period, KC got slammed with two snow storms, dumpingView full post »

Snowed In

Kansas City is snowed in, the boys are playing a Wii game, and Lily is napping. Figured this was as good a time as any to quickly goView full post »

Fun in the Snow

Believe it or not, it has snowed twice already this winter! Last winter, it snowed (measurable) just once, and it was only a couple ofView full post »

Back to Books

I used to take the boys to the library fairly often. In fact, even if I couldn’t take them with me (for whatever reason) I wouldView full post »

Snow Much Fun!

Know what’s fun? Snow! Know what else is fun? Finally getting some snow, and it being late enough in the season that snow relatedView full post »


Opposites attract, right? Is that why we got snow dumped on us on Monday and then yesterday we were outside in t-shirts? Were theyView full post »

Two Ways to Eat Snow

It snowed here last night. Again. Boy, am I really kicking myself now for not buying boots for the boys this winter! Anyway, in honor ofView full post »

Ready For Spring

The boys have a snow day today. Again. They need to get out of this house and be with other kids and I need the break from the constantView full post »


Yesterday morning, I happened to be walking past the door to the boys’ room when Chase woke up. He didn’t notice me in theView full post »

Why I Love Kansas City Winters

Next month Nick and I will have been living here in Kansas City for 6 years. Crazy to think it’s been that long! Anyway, after 6View full post »

Naughty Boys

Yesterday was one for the books in terms of naughty behavior from my angelic children. Most of my morning was occupied by simultaneouslyView full post »

My Lifeline

Very early in my pregnancy, before I even knew we were having triplets, I joined a group of other women on a message board who were all dueView full post »