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Sick Day

Poor Lily woke up this morning with a runny nose, and nasty sounding cough. While the rest of the family headed out for an early morningView full post »

What Could Have Been

A few weeks ago, during Spring Break, something fun happened in our home. A video crew from our church took over our living room, kitchen,View full post »

A Day In The Life of Lily

Lily’s got it made in this house. Baby of the family, doting older brothers, parents who have a hard time not laughing at her all.View full post »

Fun in the Snow

Believe it or not, it has snowed twice already this winter! Last winter, it snowed (measurable) just once, and it was only a couple ofView full post »

Christmas Eve on New Year’s Eve

I know today is New Year’s Eve, but I’m going to share Christmas Eve pictures! Besides, our New Year’s Eves are alwaysView full post »

What We’ve Been Up To

I really dislike that I’ve blogged so infrequently this fall. I know you dislike it too! Life has spun slightly out of control sinceView full post »

Goats and Firetrucks

Lest any of you (or my children in 20 years) think all I do is focus on food or work, I thought I should share some photos from a fun dayView full post »

Random Fun & Silliness

This post really needs no introduction, other than to say it’s a bunch of pictures of random fun and silliness from life here. EnjoyView full post »

What We’ve Been Up To

The blogging hiatus for the last couple of days has been due to some sickness making its way through the house. First Ty had it and missedView full post »

Great Focus

The hot Christmas gift at our house this was Mario Kart and three steering wheels (courtesy of my parents). The boys ask to play itView full post »

Full Heart

Even though my boys are older and clearly independent, I still hear the phrase “You’ve got your hands full!” more timesView full post »

Snapshots of Life & A Lily Video

Honestly, as I write this post I’m thinking a more appropriate “Snapshots of Life” would be a series of pictures ofView full post »