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Seeing Through the Tears – Sending the Baby to Kindergarten

It’s only 9:36am and I’m already nearly cried out. Today is the first day of school. Lily, my baby, started Kindergarten. HereView full post »

My Silly Boys and Their Sad Playground

Last night the boys and I made a quick little video, to try and help with a fundraiser at their school. We had a blast putting it together,View full post »


Triplets Together in School

How is it October already?! My boys have been in school for almost 2 full months now, so that tells you how long I’ve been meaning toView full post »


I know, I know. I’ve been a bad blogger this fall! Whoops! Do you ever get so far behind on something that you start to thinkView full post »

School Morning Sanity Maintained

Last year we were spoiled (sort of) by an afternoon pre-k program. Having the entire morning to get the boys dressed, fed, and backpacksView full post »

Together Again… Sort Of

We’ve now had just over 3 weeks of kindergarten, which means three weeks of the boys being in different classrooms. You’llView full post »

They Should Be Together, But They’re Not

If you’re looking for the fun, first day of kindergarten post, you’ll find that by clicking here. This one is going to focus onView full post »

They’re Off and I Cried

Ah, the first day of kindergarten. A day I sometimes (ok, often) never thought would arrive, and yet at the same time, it’s arrivedView full post »

Graduation, Pre-K Style

Remember once upon a time, when the boys were itty bitty, and I was up to my eye-balls in diapers and formula? Seems like just yesterdayView full post »

Field Trippin’

A couple of weeks ago, I was able to chaperone one of the boys’ field trips! I’ve been waiting all year for my turn (Nick gotView full post »

First Day of School!

Ladies and gentlemen…. SCHOOL HAS STARTED!! I’m not excited in the least…. ha! We’ve all been driving each otherView full post »

Preschool Christmas Show

Yesterday morning was the boys’ last day of school until January (they are so bummed they won’t have school for a couple ofView full post »