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A Few Favorites

We’ve done a lot of playing at playgrounds during the last 10 days or so, and I’ve (of course) taken lots of pictures at saidView full post »

Four Pounds

There are 4 pounds separating Ty and Jackson. Ty is 34.5 pounds and Jackson is 38.5. When picking them up (which I rarely do anymore), IView full post »

Our Sunday

It’s hot here. Are we sure it’s only April 2nd? Yesterday, it was near 90 degrees here and today we’re in for more of theView full post »

Good Clean Fun

Yesterday afternoon, my boys crammed their feet into rain boots that are 1-2 sizes too small, all for the sake of some good clean dirtyView full post »

Snow Much Fun!

Know what’s fun? Snow! Know what else is fun? Finally getting some snow, and it being late enough in the season that snow relatedView full post »

Learning Young

Yesterday I watched Lily grab a Wii steering wheel, sit on the floor in front of the TV (which was off) and steer the wheel…. NowView full post »

Love Fest

While the last month may have (and still be) fraught with silly drama and meltdowns from the boys (and sometimes me, ha!), it has also beenView full post »

Free Entertainment For Children

Desperate moms all over the country are trying to find new ways to keep their children entertained. Summer is wonderful and brutal all atView full post »

If You Hear Lots of Talking In the Bathroom…

You probably should investigate ASAP! Yesterday afternoon I suddenly heard an awful lot of talking coming from the bathroom. Imagine myView full post »

It’s All Fun and Games…

Most every day, the same thing goes down here… Jackson and Tyler start wrestling for fun. There’s laughing and giggling and aView full post »

Dirt, Stars and A Winner

Little Happys Purse Winner: selected comment #40 this morning, which belongs to Christina Anne D! Congratulations! Watch yourView full post »

Sprayground Fun!

There’s a popular thing here in Kansas City called the sprayground. They’re awesome and they’re free. Well, actuallyView full post »