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One Massive Easter Post

Yep, I’m a bit behind in my blogging! After all, Easter was a week and a half ago, and some of the Easter fun in this post happenedView full post »

A Day In The Life of Lily

Lily’s got it made in this house. Baby of the family, doting older brothers, parents who have a hard time not laughing at her all.View full post »

A Baby In the House

Oh, baby, do I love babies! And guess what? Over the last 2 days, I got a big time baby-fix! My brother in law (Nick’s brother),View full post »

Final Snow Pictures of the Season (I Hope)

Here’s hoping these are the final snow pictures of  this winter! In a five day period, KC got slammed with two snow storms, dumpingView full post »

Snowed In

Kansas City is snowed in, the boys are playing a Wii game, and Lily is napping. Figured this was as good a time as any to quickly goView full post »

She’s Wild! She’s Crazy!

Oh, Lily, Lily, Lily…. What am I going to do with her?! She has left me shaking my head more times than I can count lately. She makesView full post »

Lily at 15 Months

Last Friday Lily hit the 15 month mark and had her 15 month Well-Check. I still can’t believe she’s 15 months old already!View full post »

Might Be…

First, cause I know you’re all anxious to know, the winner of the Lily Cole Designs giveaway has been chosen! Congratulations,View full post »

Lily’s Favorite Picture

Lily has a favorite spot in the house. Actually, she has multiple favorite spots, but most of them are places she’s not supposed toView full post »

Where I Live

My house is never dull. Ever. I never know what’s going to break next, who is going to be bleeding next, who is going to be cryingView full post »

The Blue Stairs

This past summer I shot a family portrait session in a more urban setting, that included some fantastic blue, tile stairs. In January I ranView full post »

There Are No Words

Seriously. They say a photo is worth 1,000 words anyway, right? If that’s the case of the typical photo, I’m going to say thisView full post »