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Random Fun

With an abundance of parks in the Kansas City area, it’s easy to say “let’s go to a park!” and have it be a new (orView full post »

Our Sunday

It’s hot here. Are we sure it’s only April 2nd? Yesterday, it was near 90 degrees here and today we’re in for more of theView full post »

Have You Heard?

Have you heard? Spring has come early! In fact, winter never really even stopped by Kansas City. We had a few cold snaps, and really onlyView full post »

Summer Fun

One month from today the boys turn 4. Six weeks from today they go back to school. Summer is flying by! Now that Nick’s insaneView full post »

Keeping Cool

It’s hot, hot, hot here in Kansas City. Today’s high is supposed to be 97 and tomorrow is supposed to be 100. Yuck. Makes meView full post »

Test Answer and Outtakes

I found the answers to yesterday’s little “test” fascinating! I thought for sure most of the answers would be a 50/50View full post »


Opposites attract, right? Is that why we got snow dumped on us on Monday and then yesterday we were outside in t-shirts? Were theyView full post »

Hooray For Sunshine!

The sun is shining again here in Kansas City and it is glorious! You can tell by the look on Tyler’s face here that he was thoroughlyView full post »


The grandparents (my parents) arrived from Maine last night! This means time at the pool (at their hotel), eating out and tons of activityView full post »

Muddy Boys

Today is your lucky day… you’re not going to get just 1 post out of me, but 2! Actually, if you count my daily 365 postView full post »

Why I Love Kansas City Winters

Next month Nick and I will have been living here in Kansas City for 6 years. Crazy to think it’s been that long! Anyway, after 6View full post »

Pumpkin Patch

Yesterday morning the boys and I joined other moms and kids from my mom’s group at a local pumpkin patch. The boys were super excitedView full post »