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Helen’s Birth Update

Originally posted 8.29.07 I finally have a minute to breathe and update here! First, thank you all for your prayers – theyView full post »

The Boys Are Here!

Originally posted 8.27.07 Nick is providing this update……..:) THE BOYS ARE HERE!! On Monday Morning, August 27 at 6:11,View full post »

A Trip To L&D

Originally posted 8.23.07 We’ve had an exciting week here… Monday night I had 6 contractions in 45 minutes so the doctorView full post »

House Arrest

Originally posted 8.9.07 I just got back from my weekly appointment and all is well with the boys and me! The doctor did anotherView full post »


Originally posted 8.2.07 It was a quick appointment today, so there’s not a whole lot to report. The boys are all lookingView full post »

Biophsyical Ultrasound

Originally posted 7.26.07 My appointment today was long, but interesting. Nick was able to come to the appointment, which I wasView full post »

General Update

Originally post 7.19.07 Not a whole lot to update this week as my appointment lasted all of 10 minutes… The babies are stillView full post »

Me at 26 Weeks

Originally posted 7.12.07 I just returned from my doctor appointment and am happy to report that all is well! I found out I passedView full post »

My Clothes Don’t Fit!

Originally posted 7.9.07 The boys are growing really well and the doctors are really pleased with my progress. I don’t knowView full post »

Moving Day & More Showers

Originally posted 7.1.07 I’m sorry it took me so long to put an update here! It’s been a busy 3 days for us…. IView full post »


Originally posted 6.15.07 All is well in our home! We’ve had a lot of excitement the last couple of weeks and only oneView full post »

Travel & Home Buying

Originally posted 6.1.07 It’s been an eventful two weeks for us! I had another appointment yesterday and all is going well.View full post »