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Cute, Cute, Cute!

We pause the vacation posts (yes, I actually have more) to share this adorably messy picture of a very happy Lily! So the orange all overView full post »

6 month pictures

I’m always up for any excuse to dress Lily up and take pictures, and now that I’m assembling an arsenal of props andView full post »

Lily’s Half Birthday

6 months ago today it was cold. We’d just had a snow storm and everything was covered in white. (I’m trying to make those of usView full post »

Peek A Boo!

Yesterday afternoon Chase was getting bored. His brothers were asleep, but Lily was awake so I suggested he play peek a boo with her. HeView full post »

A Turtle, A Story and Sitting Up

Double the posting fun today! Earlier I posted a couple “recipes” (and I use that term loosely), but I just had to share theseView full post »

Free Entertainment For Children

Desperate moms all over the country are trying to find new ways to keep their children entertained. Summer is wonderful and brutal all atView full post »

5 Months Old

The little princess turned 5 months old yesterday! Any little milestone like that just gives me an excuse to dress her up and take picturesView full post »

Fun Events & Lily’s Newest Trick

Considering we’re only halfway through June, the boys have had a pretty fun month so far! Earlier in the month, a friend offered herView full post »


Black and white just seemed like a perfect fit for this picture of Lily. Brings the focus totally onto her face! Specs: 35mm lens, ISOView full post »

Snapshots of Life & A Lily Video

Honestly, as I write this post I’m thinking a more appropriate “Snapshots of Life” would be a series of pictures ofView full post »

Scheduling My Mulletted Baby

I don’t know if “mulletted” is a word, but I’m making it one. Spell-check doesn’t seem to think it’s aView full post »