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Lily at 11 Months

Yesterday Miss Lily hit the 11 month mark. Wow! How is she 11 months old already?! She’s grown tremendously – just look at thisView full post »

My Smiley Girl

Oh, my sweet Lily! I tell you what, I realized today it’s a good thing I had things, uh, “taken care of” during myView full post »

A Trip, A Surprise, and Something to Aspire To

At 10:30pm the Tuesday before Thanksgiving I cashed in 35,000 frequent flier miles we had built up over the years. The plan? For Lily and IView full post »

I Heart Faces – Bust a Gut

Bust a Gut is the theme at I Heart Faces this week, and while Lily’s gut is certainly huge (exhibit A), her laugh is equally huge!View full post »

Lily is 10 Months!

Yesterday (or Sunday for those of you that aren’t night owls and are seeing this Tuesday morning) Lily hit the 10 month mark. TheView full post »

Things My Kids Say

Ok, so most of these funny things are courtesy of Jackson… I’m sure the other two say funny/cute things too, but man –View full post »

Lily’s Standing!

Time to mark yet another first off the list for Lily. Yesterday afternoon, while we were visiting my sister, Lily pulled herself up toView full post »

Lily at 9 Months

Miss Lily had her 9 month well-check today, and hit the 9 month mark last week. For some reason, she seems older to me in the last week orView full post »

Lily’s 5 Minutes of Fame

Yesterday morning Lily had her 5 minutes of fame. She and I drove downtown to the Fox 4 studios, waited in a Green Room (that wasn’tView full post »

Watch Lily on TV!

What a week it’s been! I really was hoping to share my “studio” set up in a post, but I only got as far as taking theView full post »

Back Fat

Back fat isn’t cute on adults, but for some reason it is insanely cute on a baby! The other night I was letting Lily explore theView full post »

Lily at 8 Months

The princess of the house turned 8 months old yesterday. Hard to believe she’s been here, making us smile, for that long already!View full post »