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She’s Cute & She Signs!

I finally caught some cute video of Lily showing off her signing and speaking skills! I’ve tried a few times in the last couple ofView full post »

The Time Lily Got Dirty

There are four things that Lily seems to love: crackers, water, baths, and getting dirty. She asks for crackers and water a dozen times aView full post »

Lily is 18 Months!

I have a bunch (seriously, a bunch) of vacation pictures and stories to share, but something happened while we were on vacation and IView full post »


I’ve been having this internal struggle lately with the ratio of Lily to the boys pictures I’ve been posting here and onView full post »

Lily v Ice Cream

Before we get to the sticky mess Lily got herself into (ok, I might have helped the situation by giving her the ice cream sandwich), IView full post »

Lily at 15 Months

Last Friday Lily hit the 15 month mark and had her 15 month Well-Check. I still can’t believe she’s 15 months old already! I&#View full post »

Lily at 14 Months

Miss Lily is 14 months old today, which seems so hard to believe! Didn’t she just turn 1?! She’s growing like crazy, and myView full post »

Lily Proof

When Lily started really getting around the house, she also started really getting into things in the house. While she has the Pit ofView full post »

Lily’s Favorite Picture

Lily has a favorite spot in the house. Actually, she has multiple favorite spots, but most of them are places she’s not supposed to beView full post »

Back to Books

I used to take the boys to the library fairly often. In fact, even if I couldn’t take them with me (for whatever reason) I would stillView full post »

Like Mother, Like Daughter

I think Lily is picking up on one of my habits… That’s the boys’ Lego themed digital camera she’s got there. WhileView full post »

And She’s Off!

What a week Lily had! First she started talking the previous Saturday and then 6 days later she took her first steps! Know what’s kindView full post »

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