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Big Brotherly Love

That’s what it’s (life, not the hokey pokey) all about! Taken this afternoon, with my phone, but too sweet not to share on theView full post »

She’s Silly

There’s a reason we call her Silly Lily around here! The girl is a non-stop riot! She and have I have lots of silly conversations,View full post »

Sick Day

Poor Lily woke up this morning with a runny nose, and nasty sounding cough. While the rest of the family headed out for an early morningView full post »

When Lily Started School

Further proof that I really don’t take enough “real” pictures of my own family… know how many pictures are in myView full post »

Just Lily

Let’s see…. Lily turned 3 in January, which means it only took me 3 months to finally take her 3 Year pictures! Really though, itView full post »

The Birthday Girl, A Picnic Party, & A Letter

Ah, sweet, sweet Lily! How is it that she’s three years old already?! She turned 3 back on January 20th; I’ve just beenView full post »

Bright Starts Having A Ball Playdate Party

Playdates are so much fun! Kids get play time, and moms get to sit back, relax, and catch up with each other. Life with triplets means myView full post »

Blue Eyes

No words really needed here. Just Lily being flexible and beautiful, all at once. Man, I love her eyes! {Nikon D600, 50mm lens, 3.5,View full post »

A Day In The Life of Lily

Lily’s got it made in this house. Baby of the family, doting older brothers, parents who have a hard time not laughing at her all.View full post »

Knock, Knock

Lily is entering a stage that is fun and maddening all at once. She’s saying and doing hilarious things, but she’s alsoView full post »

She’s Wild! She’s Crazy!

Oh, Lily, Lily, Lily…. What am I going to do with her?! She has left me shaking my head more times than I can count lately. She makesView full post »

Does She Know?

One of the most common “Lily Questions” I get asked is “Can she tell her brothers apart?”. The answer isView full post »