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My Inner Critic

I have a little critic in my head. Actually, to be fair I live with 4 tiny little critics in my house, but they only like to be criticalView full post »

The Time Our Car Was Stolen

About two and a half weeks ago, early one Sunday morning, Nick woke me up with the following news: “Helen, wake up! The yellow car isView full post »

A Ray of Sunshine

The other day I was having one of “those” days. I was tired of the play wrestling and real wrestling the boys were doing. IView full post »

Changes – Part 1 {Punch Cards}

Last Monday Nick and I implemented some big changes here. We’d noticed a few things about the boys and about ourselves and decided aView full post »

Missed Opportunity

I shared about this missed opportunity, this morning at my moms group, and I felt it was worthy of a blog post. I have other, more timeView full post »


Twice a month, people gather at our church to work on various service projects. Some are projects happening in classrooms (like crochetingView full post »

Not Giving In

Let me lay something out here for you – women, by nature I think, struggle with insecurities. Do these people even like me? WhyView full post »

Stuff Kids Wreck

To people who have yet to produce any off-spring, or their off-spring are still very young – This post is to serve as a warning toView full post »

Holding On

Have you ever had one of those moments when you’re hugging a loved one (a child, a spouse, a parent, a close friend, etc) and youView full post »

Hide the Scissors!

Ladies, we all know it’s just good common sense to keep scissors out of the reach of our young children, but I think there’s aView full post »

Something I’m Not Good At

I may be able to take a pretty nice picture and I may be able to take a mildly funny/amusing video, but apparently I am not capable ofView full post »

I Have A Problem

Eleven days ago I made The Pioneer Woman’s iced coffee concentrate. While I had to modify the amount of coffee (1 pound bags are hardView full post »