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They Keep Growing

I feel like the realization has smacked me in the face (and heart) over the last month or so more times than I can count. These boys ofView full post »

Giving Up and Adding In

Lent (the 40 days, plus Sundays, leading up to Easter) begins today. I grew up in a Baptist church, yet we still recognized the season ofView full post »

What We’ve Been Up To

I’ve noticed that as the kids get older, life seems to “get away” from me a little quicker. That fact that I finally gotView full post »

Lily’s Favorite Picture

Lily has a favorite spot in the house. Actually, she has multiple favorite spots, but most of them are places she’s not supposed toView full post »

I Love…

It’s been a pretty crummy last 8 days or so. Sickness, more sickness, still more sickness and tax prep (ha!) is not a fun way to go.View full post »