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Big Brotherly Love

That’s what it’s (life, not the hokey pokey) all about! Taken this afternoon, with my phone, but too sweet not to share on theView full post »

Jumping Jackson

Flying Jackson

And yeah, I kinda wonder if that hurt when he landed…View full post »

A Letter to 6 year old Jackson

Dear Jackson, You have grown and matured so much in the last year, little man! While your skills at Mario Kart and Super Mario Brothers areView full post »

Tamiflu All Around!

Last week, the flu landed at our house. Yep, the flu. The one we all got shots for this past fall. I could see the little wheels turning inView full post »

To 5 Year Old Jackson

Each year I write a letter to each of  my kids, in honor of their birthday. Last year’s to the boys can be seen here.   To myView full post »

Where Is It?

Life has been nutty here, with my parents visiting all of this week and work being rather busy. I’ve had a ton of pictures ready toView full post »

Buh Bye, Blanket!

Just over 3 years ago Jackson got hooked on something… Remember this? Ah, his beloved white blanket… orView full post »

And So It Begins

True story: The very first thing that went through my mind when it was confirmed that I was carrying 3 boys, was “Crap! My brotherView full post »

Things My Kids Say

Ok, so most of these funny things are courtesy of Jackson… I’m sure the other two say funny/cute things too, but man –View full post »

Birthday Letters for the Boys

Each year I like to write each of the boys (and in January I’ll add Lily to the mix!) a letter around the time of their birthdays.View full post »

Things Jackson Says

Originally this was going to be one of those “Things My Kids Say” posts, but then I realized all the funny things lately haveView full post »

6 month pictures

I’m always up for any excuse to dress Lily up and take pictures, and now that I’m assembling an arsenal of props andView full post »