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Hide the Scissors!

Ladies, we all know it’s just good common sense to keep scissors out of the reach of our young children, but I think there’s aView full post »

The Casino

Tuesday afternoon I took my children to a casino. I heard once that you should set foot inside one before the age of 4 and, well, time wasView full post »

Signs of a Rough Week

As those of you who are fans on Facebook know, last week was a rough week. By Thursday night I had reached the end of my rope. Actually, IView full post »

Nothing Is Safe

In the last 9 months I’ve had numerous kitchen items bite the dust, thanks to my adorable angels. Exhibit A – the demise of myView full post »

Jackson’s Embarrassing Picture

Before I dive into today’s post, I want to thank those you that left such kind comments on my post last Thursday. It’s soView full post »

Tyler’s First Bra

Yesterday as I was loading pictures from my camera onto the computer I noticed an interesting looking shot of Ty. At first glance I thoughtView full post »