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A Snow Day Game

Snow days are rather fun, when they happen one or two at a time. When they come 3, 4, or even (gasp!) 5 days in a row (and yes, tomorrowView full post »

School Morning Sanity Maintained

Last year we were spoiled (sort of) by an afternoon pre-k program. Having the entire morning to get the boys dressed, fed, and backpacksView full post »

Becoming Social Butterflies

This post is all about helping your child be more comfortable talking with adults. If you’ve been blessed with an outgoing childView full post »

The Speaking Tour

Know what I did last month? Went on a little speaking tour! No, really! Ok, it wasn’t as glamorous as “speaking tour”View full post »

The Nuts & Bolts of our Road Trip

I thought it might be helpful to have one blog post dedicated to random things like timelines, packing, my whining bag, etc. TomorrowView full post »

Changes – Part Three {Consequences Beyond Time Outs}

This last part in my Changes series is all about how Nick and I will be handling discipline and teaching our boys that there areView full post »

Changes – Part 2 {Screen Time}

Time to unveil Part 2 in the Changes series! If you missed Part 1 (Punch Cards), make sure you go back and read it! Screen Time Tickets MyView full post »

Changes – Part 1 {Punch Cards}

Last Monday Nick and I implemented some big changes here. We’d noticed a few things about the boys and about ourselves and decided aView full post »

Lily Proof

When Lily started really getting around the house, she also started really getting into things in the house. While she has the Pit ofView full post »

Leap Day Box

Last fall, a speaker at a mom’s group I’m in threw out the idea of doing a Leap Day Box with our kids this year. I wrote itView full post »

Bag of Blessings

I’ve been meaning to blog about this for a few weeks now, but kept forgetting. Darn you, mommy-brain! I’m going ahead and doingView full post »

A New Chart

For about 18 months now we’ve been using star charts with the boys, with much success. We’ve seen behaviors improved, some evenView full post »