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8 of These Things Don’t Belong

The other day I opened my fridge and found quite the assortment of things inside that didn’t belong there. Can you identify themView full post »

Rubbing Off On Me

The boys’ bad habits are rubbing off on me. Not only did I fall out of the van and land on my rear end last week, but… What? IView full post »

Lion Prayer

Every night we say bed time prayers with the boys. Nick has taken to alternating praying in beds with doing a “circle prayer”View full post »

When People Find Out

Yesterday was such a fun day! I loved finally sharing the exciting pregnancy news with you all on here and with our friends on Facebook.View full post »

More Funny Things My Kids Say

Most of the recent funnies that I’ve remembered to record here are courtesy of Jackson and Chase. Rest assured, Tyler says funnyView full post »

Random Funnies

The fun (and sometimes embarrassment) of toddlers is that you just never know what’s going to come out of their mouths… Case inView full post »

Just For Laughs

Yesterday I was forced to take my 3 munchkins grocery shopping. In the freezing rain. And snow. After just one store I decided we’dView full post »

Bed Time Games – Video Clip of the Week

As promised yesterday, here is the video I took of the boys acting up at bed time. These boys have a party in their room nearly every nightView full post »

Cake Pans and Toddlers Don’t Mix

Jackson, Jackson, Jackson. What am I going to do with you child? First you got a cake pan stuck on your head, then you made your lip bleedView full post »

Video Clip of the Week – Whoopee Cushion Fun

Allow me to set the stage here for you… When my family was here over Christmas my mom and sister-in-law made a run to Target onView full post »

Right Now!

Chase has a new favorite phrase. Everything needs to be done “Right Now”! For emphasis, he drags the “now” out, soView full post »

Short Stories and Getting Into The Spirit

Nick and I never know what’s going to come out of the mouths of these boys. Case in point would be two short stories from thisView full post »