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The Casino

Tuesday afternoon I took my children to a casino. I heard once that you should set foot inside one before the age of 4 and, well, time wasView full post »

If You Give A Boy A Fishing Pole…

He’ll probably want to fish with it! When we told the boys that we would be staying at a lake and there would be fishing poles theyView full post »

Lily’s Half Birthday

6 months ago today it was cold. We’d just had a snow storm and everything was covered in white. (I’m trying to make those of usView full post »

Snapshots of Life & A Lily Video

Honestly, as I write this post I’m thinking a more appropriate “Snapshots of Life” would be a series of pictures ofView full post »

First Trip to the Dentist

Monday morning the boys had their first dentist visit. A month or so ago a dental hygienist visited their preschool and told them all aboutView full post »

Best Night Ever!

Ok, so maybe it wasn’t the best night ever, but with my long term memory shot and my short term memory questionable (darn Momnesia)View full post »

Learning to Ride Bikes

Last July my parents bought bikes for the boys (a slightly early birthday gift). The boys were excited to go to the store to pick them outView full post »


This is the face of an overachiever. Almost two weeks ago Lily rolled over. She was one day shy of turning 6 weeks old and I knew rollingView full post »

More Basketball Fun

Last Thursday and Friday we had so much fun that the boys keep asking to do it again. Thursday afternoon we packed up the van and headedView full post »

3 Year Olds and Open Flame

Last night we did something fun and daring. We put an open flame on our table and let the boys hold marshmallows over it. Don’tView full post »


Today, at just 1 day shy of 6 weeks old, Lily rolled over. Totally surprised me! Chase was the first of the boys to roll over and heView full post »

A Little BBall

Tuesday evening we all drove 2.5 hours to Springfield, Missouri to watch Nick’s younger brother play in a college basketball game.View full post »