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They’re Off and I Cried

Ah, the first day of kindergarten. A day I sometimes (ok, often) never thought would arrive, and yet at the same time, it’s arrivedView full post »


I mentioned on the Three Times the Giggles Facebook page yesterday that life has been crazy this summer. Nick’s been working a lot ofView full post »

Field Trippin’

A couple of weeks ago, I was able to chaperone one of the boys’ field trips! I’ve been waiting all year for my turn (Nick gotView full post »

And She’s Off!

What a week Lily had! First she started talking the previous Saturday and then 6 days later she took her first steps! Know what’sView full post »

She Speaks!

Saturday night, as I was carrying Lily out of church and across the dark parking lot, I heard a little something…. a tiny, adorableView full post »

Lily’s Standing!

Time to mark yet another first off the list for Lily. Yesterday afternoon, while we were visiting my sister, Lily pulled herself up toView full post »

Parent Teacher Conferences

This week Nick and I experienced a “first”: Parent Teacher Conferences. Of course we experienced this first times three, whichView full post »

Lily’s 5 Minutes of Fame

Yesterday morning Lily had her 5 minutes of fame. She and I drove downtown to the Fox 4 studios, waited in a Green Room (that wasn’tView full post »

Yep, It’s Fall

The calendar says fall is here. The leaves on the trees and on the ground say fall is here. Our trip to the pumpkin patch last week saysView full post »

A Hallmark Experience and Giveaway

A couple of weeks ago I was given the chance to attend a blogger event at Hallmark’s headquarters in downtown Kansas City. I wasView full post »

There’s Something On Your Face

Psst…. Chase! I think there’s something on your face. More specifically, that something appears to want to eat yourView full post »

First Baseball Game

On Sunday afternoon we had a major first in this house. Lily didn’t crawl (although, she’s super close!), but she did stay withView full post »