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A New England Tradition

Last night the boys got to partake in a New England tradition: the consumption of Whoopie Pies. My readers from New England are allView full post »

Book Review – Multiple Blessings

Yes, this mom of active, toddler triplets has time to read. I don’t know why so many people find that so hard to believe! I feel likeView full post »

A New View

Before I get to the actual blog post, I wanted to draw some attention to a new link on the left hand side of your screen. It dawned on me aView full post »

Little Robots

How cute are these little robots I found wandering in my kitchen recently?View full post »

Video Clip of the Week – Almost As Fun As Cats

This video is about a month old, as it’s from when my parents and grandparents were here visiting. I had forgotten about it until IView full post »

Favorite Reading Spot

The fellas have a new favorite reading spot. Sometimes they like for me to read the book to them and sometimes they just want to do itView full post »

Video Clip of the Week – Dance Lessons With Chase

Sure to make you the hit of your next party… crank the music up and do “The Chase”!View full post »

Chase’s New Best Friend

As revealed in previous posts, Jackson’s best friend is his blanket and Tyler’s best friend is a giant Piglet. Chase has neverView full post »

Playing Together

I’ve long awaited this day; the day the boys start to play together. There have been glimpses of this happening since the boys were 6View full post »

Starting Them Early

For those that haven’t heard me say it before, my husband is the best. Ever since we got married he’s been the officialView full post »


In the unbelievable excitement of my husband returning home last Thursday night (he had been gone since Monday morning), I completelyView full post »


“Chase, what are you eating?” “Chase?” “Is that mud?!” “Chase, don’t eat mud…” “Tyler, you don’t need to eat mudView full post »