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We’re taking a little hiatus from potty training Tyler. Generally this is thought of as a poor move in the PTing world because itView full post »

Foo Foo What? – Video Clip of the Week

First, huge congrats to Mr. Chase on an accident free day yesterday! My reminding/asking is down to a minimum and several times he ran toView full post »

PTing Wrap Up and Video Clip of the Week

Today is the last day to vote in my little poll over on the right hand side! Also, I’m excited to announce I will be unveiling a newView full post »

Potty Training Chase – Day 2 Recap

In a nut shell – yesterday morning was great, yesterday afternoon not so much. Between when Chase woke up at 7:30 yesterday morningView full post »

Potty Training Chase – Day 1 Results

Can I just say how proud I am of my little man?! He is so grown up! Nick and I commented to each other that he looks so much older now withView full post »

Potty Training, Here We Come!

Ok, so the title of this post is a bit misleading. After all, we officially started PTing the boys back in early spring. However, that wasView full post »

Lemonade = Wired

Monday night we went out to dinner. I told the boys we were going to drive in the car and get some chocolate milk. Both announcements drewView full post »

A Touchy Situation

I’m finding there is a delicate balance between knowing when to help the boys and when to stand back and let them do somethingView full post »

Weekend Tidbits

Nothing massively exciting happened here over the weekend (we’ll attempt fireworks next year), so I thought I’d just give you aView full post »


As a child I was often called “Helen, Helen, Watermelon”. Ahhh childhood! As sad as it is, that nickname is often the firstView full post »

Potty Training Update

A few months ago we embarked on the adventure known as potty training. We’ve been very casual about it and therefore have experiencedView full post »

Early Personalities

Last night as I was laying in bed trying to fall asleep, my mind drifted back to the boys’ relatively short stay in the NICU. IView full post »