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Not Really A Saturday Savings Post

I know my Saturday morning post is generally all about grocery shopping, but I also know I usually post on Friday mornings too and thatView full post »

Chase Update

Yesterday morning Chase and I braved the frigid cold to head to the doctor’s office. Chase was excited for the adventure out of theView full post »

Right Now!

Chase has a new favorite phrase. Everything needs to be done “Right Now”! For emphasis, he drags the “now” out, soView full post »

Cuteness and Humor by Chase

Last night Chase was cracking me up. The boys were all reading books in the playroom while I was getting dinner ready when I decided toView full post »

I Finally Caught Him! – Video Clip of the Week

For months I have had a Video Clip of the Week idea but have been unable to pull it off due to 2 words…. “No Pictures!”View full post »

1,2,3’s and O,B,C’s – Video Clip of the Week

On Friday morning I was shocked to suddenly hear all three boys count from 1 to 10. I’d never heard them get past 5 before!View full post »

Dear Chase

Dear Chase, It is absolutely amazing to me how much you’ve grown and changed in just two short years. It feels like only yesterday IView full post »

Video Clip of the Week – Sneaking Drinks

A couple of weeks ago I caught Chase rummaging around in the bottom of my buffet/hutch. He (and the other boys) know that’s a no-noView full post »

Slow and Steady

I have another “Ways Identical Siblings Are Not Actually Identical” item to add to the list. Unlike teething, sleeping, eatingView full post »

Video Clip of the Week – Future Football Star

Nick recently taught the boys how to hike a football. It’s adorable to watch and I caught it on camera this past weekend. Yep, thatView full post »

Goopy Eyes

It’s baaaaack! Yesterday afternoon Pink Eye resurfaced in our house. I thought we were out of the woods – it had been well overView full post »

1 Down, 2 To Go

Chase is doing great with his potty training! Saturday was his second completely accident free day and that included the 2.5 hours we wereView full post »