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Christmas Day Wrap-Up

I still have some pre-Christmas pictures (and video!) to share with you all, but the video isn’t ready yet, so instead we’llView full post »

The Time Lily Got Dirty

There are four things that Lily seems to love: crackers, water, baths, and getting dirty. She asks for crackers and water a dozen times aView full post »

VBC Fun, Fun, Fun!

Last week the boys got to do something they’d never done before…. Vacation Bible Camp! (Or VBS as it’s known to mostView full post »

I Should Have Known Better

In my mind, “jinx” can mean two things…. 1.) someone is about to give me a coke (but I’d really prefer a Diet)View full post »

Lily v Ice Cream

Before we get to the sticky mess Lily got herself into (ok, I might have helped the situation by giving her the ice cream sandwich), IView full post »

Crayola Colored Bubbles – Giveaway

Messes are a common occurrence in my house, and messy fun is also rather common. I guess I figure I can’t avoid the messes, so mightView full post »

Good Clean Fun

Yesterday afternoon, my boys crammed their feet into rain boots that are 1-2 sizes too small, all for the sake of some good clean dirtyView full post »

Lily Proof

When Lily started really getting around the house, she also started really getting into things in the house. While she has the Pit ofView full post »

Lily’s 1 Year Session

One year ago today, Nick and I had a big blow out. I was a hormonal, emotional wreck (thank you pregnancy) and he was likely a bit tired ofView full post »

Home Improvement

Just over 4 years ago (it was 4 years last month) we moved into our house. I was about 25 weeks pregnant with the boys at the time and thisView full post »

Get A Hose!

I don’t normally blog on Sundays, or weekends at all for that matter, but I also don’t usually blog just 3 times over a 10 dayView full post »

Muddy Boys

Today is your lucky day… you’re not going to get just 1 post out of me, but 2! Actually, if you count my daily 365 postView full post »