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They’re Off and I Cried

Ah, the first day of kindergarten. A day I sometimes (ok, often) never thought would arrive, and yet at the same time, it’s arrivedView full post »

Graduation, Pre-K Style

Remember once upon a time, when the boys were itty bitty, and I was up to my eye-balls in diapers and formula? Seems like just yesterdayView full post »

A Bedroom Tale

Once upon a time, three little babies were born. They were adorable. They were tiny. They were identical. Their parents had bought a houseView full post »

First Day of School!

Ladies and gentlemen…. SCHOOL HAS STARTED!! I’m not excited in the least…. ha! We’ve all been driving each otherView full post »

Getting Older

You know, for as crazy and tiring as it was having triplet babies, I find myself missing those days sometimes. I don’t miss them justView full post »

Teaching Them to Give

This year, we took a big step with the boys; we let them buy presents for each other! We told them they would each get a turn going to theView full post »

This Is How We Party

Hard to believe I’m a parent to three 4 year olds now. I don’t think I’m the only one struggling with it either, becauseView full post »

Getting Specific

Yep, the boys are definitely growing up. They’re now telling us what they want to be called… This handsome guy has been knownView full post »

Growing Up

I realized something very profound this weekend. My boys are growing up. They’re getting older and bigger and more daring. I know, IView full post »

Weekend O’ Fun

What a weekend! I’m still trying to play catch up from all of the fun and activity, thus the super late post today. I’m stillView full post »

Learning to Ride Bikes

Last July my parents bought bikes for the boys (a slightly early birthday gift). The boys were excited to go to the store to pick them outView full post »

So Cute

I may be a little biased, but how cute is this boy? That’s Mr. Chase and he and his brothers are growing up so fast. Yesterday IView full post »