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A Bed Bites the Dust

Last night, Chase’s bed bit the dust. His was the nicest of the three toddler beds and the one I had the highest hopes for resellingView full post »

Energy Thieves

We are having an energy crisis in this house. I’m running low on energy and yet my children seem to have an endless supply. YesterdayView full post »

Lessons From the Garden

The other night, when I was out watering my sad looking plants, something struck me. Gardening has a lot of parallels to parenting (and byView full post »

Scheduling My Mulletted Baby

I don’t know if “mulletted” is a word, but I’m making it one. Spell-check doesn’t seem to think it’s aView full post »

When Did It Get Easier?

I’m often asked if things are easier now and when they got easier, so when I saw the Question of the Week over at Multiples and MoreView full post »

Being Grumpy Stinks

Grumpy. Irritable. Highly impatient. Snappy. Those are all adequate descriptions of my attitude and behavior yesterday. My downward spiralView full post »

Moment of Genius

The last few weeks we have had major battles to get all three boys out the door, fully clothed and happy to go to school. There’sView full post »

A Star Chart First!

We’ve been using this star chart system for almost 5 months now and it seems to still be working pretty well. As the boys have grownView full post »

Changing Horses?

I think I’m ready to change horses. Discipline method horses that is. For the last year and a half or so we’ve been using theView full post »

Mom Confessions

I’ve debated for the last week or so whether or not to post these “confessions” of mine,  but have finally decided I mustView full post »

Kid of the Day

{Note, this was written when my boys were just over 3 years old. Friends have successfully incorporated 2.5 year olds into the Kid of theView full post »

The Great Nap Drop

A week and a half ago, Nick and I made a decision. It was time to try a little experiment. The 6 months of bedtime antics was wearing onView full post »