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The Crazy In My House

Last night my family attended our usual church service, and considering it was our weekend to usher as a family, we all (well, most of us)View full post »

Needed - an extra dose of grace |

Needed: an extra dose of grace

Things are not all sunshine and roses over here lately. In fact, it’s kinda matched the Kansas City weather we’ve had thisView full post »


Nobody Told Me

We’re coming up on the 8 year anniversary of the “no… it looks like there are 3!” ultrasound. Ooooh, boy. How timeView full post »

Our Newest Chore System

Anyone that’s read my blog over the years knows I’m a big fan of changing things up whenever needed. I may be stubborn in a lotView full post »

A Snow Day Game

Snow days are rather fun, when they happen one or two at a time. When they come 3, 4, or even (gasp!) 5 days in a row (and yes, tomorrowView full post »


I have a confession. In the last 18 months or so, I’ve become quite the yeller. I knew I was turning into a yeller, and I would chillView full post »

Becoming Social Butterflies

This post is all about helping your child be more comfortable talking with adults. If you’ve been blessed with an outgoing childView full post »

You’re a Supermom

I shared the following thoughts this morning, with a moms group I co-lead. They’ve been brewing in my head for about a week now, andView full post »

Things I Never Thought I’d Say

There are some things you just expect to say as a parent… don’t touch that, bottoms in chairs, stop smacking your brother, IView full post »

The Speaking Tour

Know what I did last month? Went on a little speaking tour! No, really! Ok, it wasn’t as glamorous as “speaking tour”View full post »

The Time Being Silly Came Back to Lick Me

The boys have been licking my face lately, and I only have one person to blame…. Me. It’s amazing how many “goodView full post »

Changes – Part Three {Consequences Beyond Time Outs}

This last part in my Changes series is all about how Nick and I will be handling discipline and teaching our boys that there areView full post »