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You don’t want to hear my commentary on the arrival of this unwelcome snow…View full post »


Jackson was feeling Lily’s head and commenting on how “soft” it was when I took this picture.View full post »


One of my favorite shots from the wedding I got to help shoot. (There will be a whole post next week about my first wedding photographyView full post »


I think the front of this chapel is just gorgeous! Plus, it’s not often I get to take a picture of a pretty building. Specs: 35mmView full post »


It’s Woody and Buzz! Specs: 35mm Lens, ISO 400, WB set to “florescent”, F2.8, 1/80, Cropped, slightly lightened and ranView full post »


If that little face, perched on top of bunches of diapers from friends, doesn’t make you smile I don’t know what will!View full post »


What happens when your child gets right up in front of the camera? You get a blurry ice cream nose and in focus eyes! Specs: 35mm Lens,View full post »


Little Miss Lily is 2 months old today! Specs: 35mm Lens, ISO 200, F 2.8, 1/125, used the MCP Mini Fusion Action and sharpened her eyesView full post »


A lesson in patience. Well, not so much for Tyler – his plant went crazy right away!  View full post »


I photographed this munchkin and her twin sister (age 19 months) and had a ball! Although I will confess, I forgot how hard it is toView full post »


Aunt Laura and Jackson Specs: 35mm Lens, ISO 200, WB set to Cloudy, F 5.6, 1/500, Cropped and Sharpened in PS ElementsView full post »


I loved the way she was sleeping with her little hands folded in front of her! Specs: 35mm lens, ISO 200, F 2.2, 1/50, sharpened andView full post »