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Cannon ball! (That’s Tyler) Specs: 35mm lens, ISO 200, F 5.6, 1/1600, cropped and ran Pioneer Woman’s “Boost”View full post »


Hydrangeas from my garden – so excited to see pretty colors popping out! Specs: 35mm lens, ISO 200, white balance set toView full post »


Specs: 35mm lens, ISO 200, white balance set to “shade”, F 3.5, 1/200, sharpened around her eyes very slightlyView full post »


This is definitely Lily’s life – constantly surrounded by her brothers.View full post »


I’m not sure why, but Jackson looks so grown up to me in this picture. Maybe it’s because he is growing up… Is my babyView full post »


Little Miss Memorial Day How many “favorite pictures” am I allowed to have per child?View full post »


Fireworks over Liberty Memorial (World War 1 memorial) in Kansas City. 35mm lens, hand held, ISO 800, F 2.5, 1/25, cropped and brought outView full post »


35mm Lens, white balance set to “cloudy”, ISO 400, F 2.8, 1/800, SOOC (straight out of camera)View full post »


I was so preoccupied with wedding stuff on the big day that I completely forgot to take pictures of my children all dressed up!View full post »