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The school my boys attend, and that Lily will attend beginning in August (what?!) needs some help with a project, so I’m turning to my blog here to keep people updated on their progress this week! Each evening I’ll update the totals below, so that you can watch the boys’ progress and chip in as needed! 

The Project

Playground Project

The playground the 2nd-5th graders use is in desperate need of replacement. Pieces are rusted, broken, and missing. Gravel needs to be re-dispursed for safety, and these kids need and deserve a fun place to run off energy during their 7 hour school day!


This video is one we made this fall, when we launched a GoFundMe page for the project, and since the making of that video, even more pieces have broken and been removed – there are zero tire swings left! Here’s where we stand today….

Playground Needs

Pretty sad, isn’t it? The school has been trying to raise funds for a few years now, and it’s been slow going. See, we’re a Title 1 school, with a high population of our population qualifying for the free or reduced lunch program. Where schools just 10 miles from us could raise the $40,000 needed in one big auction night, we’ve been chipping away at it, through walk-a-thons, grant applications, and restaurant nights.

At the beginning of the 2015-2016 school year the PTA committed to all fundraisers going towards this project, because enough is enough and this playground needs to be fixed! The year started out with about $8,000 in the playground account and we’ve more than doubled that already this year, which is awesome!

The Fun Run

We’ve now come to our big, final push of the year though… a Fun Run! Our hope is to raise enough money this week to be able to break ground on the new playground this summer! The kids are excited and passionate, more and more parents are catching the vision, and the teachers are all in. Let’s do this!

Starting last week, the folks from Apex Fun Run started visiting the kids’ classrooms to teach them some outstanding leadership and character lessons, while simultaneously getting the students excited about the fun run. My boys have come home excited each day, and been able to tell me the leadership qualities they’ve learned (so far the lessons have been “Dive In”, “be Resourceful”, and “Elevate Others”).

The Goals

Jackson, Ty, and Chase decided to set a goal of raising $1,200 between the three of them! They have to raise funds on 3 separate web pages, so it’s a little different from last year’s walk-a-thon, where they could raise their money as a team.

The kids will run laps, with a minimum of 26 laps being done and a max of 36 laps. Of course my boys are aiming for the max, and they shouldn’t have a problem hitting that (it’ll add up to just over 2 miles)! People can pledge a per lap donation, or make a flat rate donation that then gets added into the lap average.

If you’d like to give, we would love to have your support! You may give to just one kid, or all three – either is amazing! If giving to all three, maybe click through and see which kid is lagging behind and pitch in on that one, just to help ease the angst here {wink}


Chase’s Current Total: $482 ($16.07 per lap)

You can see Chase’s 15 second pitch here on Instagram.

Donate to Chase by clicking here.








Jackson’s Current Total: $487 ($16.26 per lap)

You can see Jackson’s 15 second pitch here on Instagram.

Donate to Jackson by clicking here.







Ty’s Current Total: $504 ($16.82 per lap)

See Ty’s 15 second Instagram pitch here!

Donate to Ty by clicking here!







Plus another $450 so far on the GoFundMe page! WOW!

If you’d like to chip in on the GoFundMe page instead of the fun run pages listed above, you can do that here, and if you’re a member of the Kansas City media and would like to run the story, get in touch and I can get you connected! Let’s get this playground project finally funded!

Meadowmere playground-1

3.15.16 update! 

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