Cake Pans and Toddlers Don’t Mix

Jackson, Jackson, Jackson. What am I going to do with you child? First you got a cake pan stuck on your head, then you made your lip bleed when you tripped with said cake pan on your head and then we had to actually cut my beloved cake pan off your little body! How is Mommy supposed to make Angel Food cake or Daffodil Cake now?!

I’m still not 100% sure how he got this on, but I’m quite sure he just pulled it down over his odd shaped head.

 I couldn’t just pull it back off because his head bubbles out on the bottom (always has) and he kept trying to tuck his chin every time I tried to pull the pan off.

Obviously those pictures were taken before things turned traumatic for him. Before he tripped over something and smashed his mouth into the pan, causing his lip to bleed.  Before I coated his head with oil and then with soap in an attempt to get the pan over his head. Before my friend Stella showed up (she was just looking to get out of her own house, little did she know how exciting her morning was about to become). Before I texted a picture of Jackson to both Nick and Facebook in an attempt to get some advice. Before I called the doctor’s office to ask for advice and told by a giggling nurse to take him to Urgent Care. Before Stella and I looked at him and realized he wasn’t going to get into a car seat with that thing on him. Before I then called  Nick and told him I needed him to come home.
See, Jackson became quite leery of me coming anywhere near him. I guess he didn’t want me to try to pull the thing off. Then when Nick got home and tried to pull it off Jackson became leery of him. That’s when we came up with a plan. Jackson would sit in Stella’s lap, because apparently she was the only adult he wasn’t now afraid of, while I distracted him and Nick cut the pan off.
Thankfully the metal cutters we had on hand actually were strong enough to cut through the pan (although I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have been strong enough to make as many cuts as it took – good thing Nick could rush home to help me). Our only concern then became with keeping Jackson still enough so that he didn’t get cut by the cutters or by the now sharp and jagged edges of the pan that were exposed. Good times! Nick was especially nervous as he got to the part closest to Jackson’s neck, at which point I held Jackson’s head forward.
Nick had to bend the pan in order to get it off Jackson without cutting him, but it worked! After almost an hour and a half, Jackson was finally free!

Jackson and his new buddy Stella

My sad pan. Guess I won’t be making Angel Food Cake anytime soon!
At least I can say I laughed my way through most of the ordeal. There were a couple of times I wasn’t sure if I wanted to laugh or cry, but I knew I had to keep laughing, otherwise it would freak Jackson out. Ahhhh the joys of being a mom to boys 🙂

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