Cake, Motorcycles and Bouncing

The boys were feeling in tip-top shape (with exception of the nagging cough that could hang around for a week or two more) by Saturday morning, which was a relief because we had places to go and people to see! Saturday afternoon as soon as the boys were done with their nap, we loaded up and headed to the hospital they were born at….

NICU Reunion
Each year the NICU the boys were at hosts a NICU Reunion for all the “graduates”. This was the first time we’ve gone and the boys had a ball! Ironically enough, the reunion this year fell on Chase’s “take-home” day!

We ate some cupcakes…
(Chase in blue, Jackson in blue and white, Tyler in white)

Sat on a motorcycle…
And got some balloons!

Birthday Party
Last night we went to another set of triplets’ 2nd birthday party! This was actually the first party the boys have been invited to and it was at a fun indoor gymnastics/inflatable place. The boys had a ball bouncing on the long trampoline, hanging from the gymnastics bars and throwing balls around. Tyler was the only one brave enough to enter the large inflatable obstacle course. There was a fair amount of kicking and screaming when I told them it was time to go and another parent (the dad of the birthday boys) had to help me chase my kids down. 
(Jackson in stripes, Tyler in plaid, Chase in green)

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