Button Pushing

Button pushing is common in this house. Usually my buttons are the ones being pushed and the pushee is any one of the 4 “boys” who live here. Late last week though a button was pushed and for once it wasn’t mine! The victim this time was Jackson.

I am quite certain this is only the beginning of the button pushing that will go on between the boys and I feel grateful to have witnessed the beginning. Tyler and Chase were quite clever and knew exactly what to do to make Jackson upset. They stole his blanket.

The game of blanket stealing went on for a little while. Each time I would take the blanket back from the thief and give it to a very distraught Jackson. Finally I tired of the game and told Jackson to get it back himself. So he did.

Then I told Tyler and Chase to stop bugging Jackson. So they did. Instead they started to wrestle each other.

Then later on in the day all three were happily playing together!

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