Brave or Stupid?

Yesterday afternoon I had to go to the Post Office to mail a couple of things. Problem number 1 – I also needed to swing by a store and buy packing tape to seal one box and a padded envelope for my other package. Problem number 2 – the post office closed at 5pm and it was now 4pm, and dealing with loading and unloading the Choo Choo multiple times isn’t exactly quick.. Hmmmm… It was then that I made a decision that would either cause me to rejoice or haunt me in my dreams; I was going to venture out without the Choo Choo and without leashes and head to a store that doesn’t have carts big enough for kids to ride in. Yikes.

I quickly had the boys all use the bathroom and put on their socks and shoes and we dashed out the door. The whole way to Walgreen’s I told the boys what we were going to do and that I needed them to be good boys. They were told to hold hands in the store, they were not to touch anything in the store and I didn’t want to hear anyone say “My do it!” (I do it).

We pulled in and I gave them one last pep talk before unloading. They all stood on the sidewalk like I told them to as I unloaded everyone from the car and then we all held hands and slowly (emphasis on “slowly”) walked into the store. They were in awe at all the stuff and the fact that they weren’t trapped in a cart or wagon! They stayed with me all the way to the mailing supplies section and did great not touching stuff. Then we walked to the Easter aisle so that Tyler could pick out his special treat for doing so well pooping on the toilet (did I mention lately we had a HUGE breakthrough with him last week?). I also let Jackson and Chase pick a treat for doing so well lately as well (can’t be easy on a 2.5 year old with diarrhea to always make it to the bathroom on time).

We stood in line, paid and got back in the car where we then headed to the Post Office. At the PO we stood in a line 8 people deep and the boys again did fantastic. They stayed right with me, chatted with the people standing behind us and were just so good. When I was done paying for my shipments and I told the boys it was time to go, Chase turned around to face the counter and all the people still in line and yelled “Bye post office!”, which cracked everyone up.

The verdict on my outing? BRAVE! I was thinking about it last night, and really how else would I know if the boys or myself are ready for something big (like ditching the Choo Choo or making solo trips to the Zoo) if I never try? I know there have been times in the past when I’ve tried something and it’s gone terribly (i.e. taking them sans Choo Choo to story time at Pottery Barn Kids – the going in was fine, it was the coming out that was risky) but I guess that’s just my way of finding out it’s not time to make that move yet.

Hmmmm…. now what could my next brave/stupid move be?

(Chase being silly yesterday)

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