Bottle Snugglers

Last month, thanks to Twitter, I stumbled upon a fun site for blogging moms called 5 Minutes For Mom. At the time, they were having a big Blog Party which includes tons of prizes you could win! Being the cheapo, prize-loving girl that I am I took part in the party and hoped I would win something.

Guess what? I won something! Here’s Lily demonstrating the item I won…

That cow is called a Bottle Snuggler and I wish I’d had him and a couple of his friends when the boys were babies! When the boys were little, I would line them all up on the floor and prop their bottles up with blankets. It worked well some of the time, but it took a lot of practice to get the blanket roll/fold just right and then the boys would often reach out and grab part of the blanket and pull on it, resulting in the bottle falling. It was a fun game.

That’s Jackson, Tyler and Chase (L-R) at 6 months old. I look at that now and feel like they’re the same size there that Lily is now at 3.5 months! Now I’m going to have to look up weights and lengths later…

Anyway, this nifty little bottle snuggler that Lily is using is great! The bottle slips into an elastic band and that velcros to the cow. If you’re not into cows, there are other cute animals you can choose from. There are times that Lily has pushed on it with her hands and knocked the bottle out of her mouth, but for the most part it’s more sturdy than a bunch of receiving blankets.

I don’t use it all the time, but there have definitely been times that having the “third hand” has been handy – like when we’ve just gotten home and she’s screaming for food and the boys are doing the same. I can give Lily her bottle (in a place I can see her of course) and get the boys their food at the same time. Once, I even brought it with us on a walk (she faces me in her stroller) so Lily could eat and I could exercise! Sweet!

If you have multiples and need a third hand, of if you just have multiple children and there are times you’ve needed a third hand, I recommend the Bottle Snugglers!

While I did win this Bottle Snuggler, I was not paid for my review. All thoughts are completely my own and truthful.

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  • brittany ellenburg

    This looks awesome. Daycares need these. They look really easy to make too.ReplyCancel

  • That looks so much easier than the blanket/burpie balancing act we’re going through now.ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer

    Bottle Snugglers are great when you need an extra hand. You can hold the baby and let them hold the bottle, and you have one hand free to take care of your other child.ReplyCancel