Book Review – Multiple Blessings

Yes, this mom of active, toddler triplets has time to read. I don’t know why so many people find that so hard to believe! I feel like I am a better and saner mom when I make time to do the things I love, and I love to read (and scrapbook but that’s generally reserved for crop nights/days at church).

This past week I read Multiple Blessings by Jon and Kate Gosselin (yep, of Jon & Kate Plus 8). I saw this book in Target months ago and immediately came home and put in a hold request for it at my library. I was something like #186 in line to get it. Ouch! Thankfully the library system in my county had dozens of copies of the book, so it only took a few months for my turn to come up.

The book is an easy read and I was able to polish it off in only two naps (that’s how I measure time now, in naps). The book starts way back when Jon and Kate first met and then takes you through the first two years of the sextuplets lives.

I found myself nodding along with many of Kate’s complaints about being uncomfortable in pregnancy (and I’m certain her pain was way worse than mine!), her strong desire to have “just one more” child, her struggle with letting others into her home to help and giving up that total control and the thrill of watching your miracle children grow and thrive.

I appreciate her candid way of talking about bed rest, both at home and in the hospital. That wasn’t something I ever experienced myself! Also scattered throughout the book is the obvious gratitude Jon and Kate have to God and all the people who had a hand in helping to provide the many things they needed, especially with the terrible time Jon had finding a steady job (several companies either fired him or flat out wouldn’t hire him because of the fear of what the size of his family would do to the company’s insurance rates).

I think this is a must read for any mom of multiples or mom to be of multiples. Fans of the show will enjoy it too and dare I say, people who despise the show just may not despise it so much if they read this book.

Now, a post wouldn’t be complete on here without a cute pic of the boys…

Chase likes to get himself into tight spots…

The other day I walked into the boys’ room to find Tyler like this!

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