This last weekend, we went blueberry picking. We love doing this each summer, and thanks to having virtually no real winter, the berries are here earlier!

Once again, Chase was my most helpful picker!

He was quite proud that he could no longer see the bottom of his bucket.

Meanwhile, Ty and Jackson chilled under a bush… sampling berries, I’m sure!

The boys were super talkative while picking (what’s new though!) and a random mom on the other side of the row (there with her two boys) finally said to me “You’ve got some talkers there, don’t you?”

Yes. Yes, I do.


*sigh* This crew… there are no words.

We had a great morning, and enjoyed some blueberry lemonade and cookies as a reward. The boys are getting better at picking berries! We ended up with almost 6 pounds this year, and I think last summer we only got 3.5 or so before the boys were done.

Hello, blueberry pancakes, muffins, bars, smoothies and fresh berries in my yogurt!

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